About Queries

What is a Query?

A USIDNET registry query is a formal request to view registry data. If you are interested in specific data beyond that which is provided on the Registry Statistics Page, we encourage you to submit a query.

Life Cycle of a Registry Query


1. Investigator submits a query request

All requests for registry data are submitted through the USIDNET Query Request Form. Once submitted, this form is received by USIDNET staff.

2. Steering Committee reviews request

The committee will review the request, which will have one of three outcomes:

  • Query Is Approved - Staff begins pulling requested dataset.
  • Query Cannot Be Completed - In this instance, the data is most likely nonexistent, and the investigator will be notified.
  • Additional Information Requested - Changes to the request may be required if requested fields do not align with the investigator’s research question.
3. USIDNET staff pulls dataset

Results are disseminated in the form of excel workbooks, which will only include data that meets the cohort's inclusion/exclusion criteria.

4. Steering Committee reviews dataset

The results are sent to the Steering Committee, providing the opportunity to review and discuss the dataset. The committee must approve its release before the investigator receives any data.

5. Dataset is released to the investigator

Along with the requested data, the investigator will receive a list of physician contributors who enrolled participants contained in the cohort, along with the USIDNET Publication Policy, which outlines authorship and acknowledgement guidelines.