Obtaining User Access

Who Can Request Access?

Only approved physicians and research/medical staff at Enrolling Institutions can apply for user access to the USIDNET Registry. Those with user access will be able to, with the patient’s consent, enter patient data into the USIDNET registry.

Access Privileges

Registry users can only see, enter, or edit patient data from their own Enrolling Institution. Only USIDNET staff have global administrative access to the USIDNET Registry data in its entirety.

Request Access Now

If you are at an Enrolling Institution with an active IRB and wish to request a username and password, please fill out our online application through DocuSign.

On the first page, you will be asked to fill in your name and e-mail and your site's principal investigator's name and e-mail. Once you click "Begin Signing" you will be directed to the form to enter some additional site-specific information, select your requested user role, and electronically sign the document. When you are finished signing, your principal investigator will automatically receive an e-mail notification to sign the form as well. The completed form will be received by the Registry Manager, who can then set up the new account.

You can access the form on DocuSign by clicking the button below

Begin User Access Form