New from USIDNET: Registry Task Forces

A new approach to reviewing and evaluating registry datasets

The United States Immune Deficiency Network (USIDNET) is excited to unveil a new opportunity for research fellows, residents, and early immunologists to get involved in conducting research with registry data. As a team, each task-force will use registry data to investigate a specific research topic.


Working in teams of 3-10 investigators, Registry Task Forces will strive to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Using data from the USIDNET Registry, work towards one or more unified publication(s) involving the project area.
  2. Establish a team leader, who will provide project updates on a monthly basis to the USIDNET Steering Committee.
  3. Submit final manuscript to Steering Committee for comments and suggestions.
  4. Complete the project within a designated time frame , to be determined at the formation of the task force.


Autoimmunity Disorders

in primary immunodeficiency

Mycobacterial Diseases

or other selected microbes

Use of Rituximab

or other selected biologics

Other Topics of Interest

in primary immunodeficiency


All interested investigators are encouraged to sign up by completing a Task Force Application. The deadline for this cycle will be May 29, 2018.

Sign Up Now!

i.e. Fellow, Intern, etc.


Please reach out to Marla Goldsmith, USIDNET Project Director with any questions about the program or sign-up process.

Phone: 443-632-2556
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